You’re desperate if you’re on the 2nd page of Google

“If you don’t find your answer on the first page of Google, it doesn’t exist.”

google dead

Search engines are a major part of our lives – we use them everywhere! Just try to imagine life without GOOGLE! It’s pretty difficult today, when we use the search engine to help us with our homework; to find recipes; or to find that funny video:



pig dancing to work


But there was a time when Google didn’t exist.

There are many different types of search engines out there – but Google is the most popular, especially in Australia. Let’s be honest – we all use Bing to search for Google.

bing google

Basically, to use a search engine, you type something into the search bar and a list of sites and ads appear. There is a special process that helps decide which sites come up on your screen. There are 3 main steps between you searching for something and the site appearing.

  1. A crawler, which is an algorithm looks at what you have searched
  2. The crawler crawls through indexes of available pages to find suitable matches
  3. It processes the query and presents you with a list of pages

There are a range of different factors that impact whether a page is chosen, and this process is called ranking. Pages are chosen if they:

  • Contain the key word or phrase multiple times
  • Are relevant
  • Are popular. This considers the number of click throughs and if any other sites refer to the page.

Have you ever really struggled to find what you are looking for on Google, and you have to click through to the 2nd, 4th or 8th page? Did you find that the results were just getting less and less relevant as you went on? Here’s an example – on page 1 of Google, when I searched “Wildwood Café,” I found out the location, opening hours and contact information of the restaurant, as well as some reviews. This is all relevant information, that contains the key phrase multiple times, and they would be popular. However, on the 12th page of my Google search, I was offered a book about the history of meat alternatives. There’s a very good reason why this book did not appear on page 1 – it doesn’t meet the 3 criteria.

page 1

Page 1 of Google

pagw 12

Page 12 of Google

Do you use something other than Google? Why?


4 thoughts on “You’re desperate if you’re on the 2nd page of Google

  1. digitalmarketingspace says:

    Hey Jacqueline
    the title just makes sense that we can not find really relevant click if we can not find in page1 of google. I just can not agree you more with that. The post really captures my attention and the video you upload just so funny. (there is one that Ariana imitating this song is also funny btw)
    The search engine actually do change our life and make us more convenient. In many aspects, like looking for cooking manners, searching camping resort, traveling information or international news.
    Good read but sometimes when we are looking for information from page 1, there are a lot of content farm, which is not really correct information that might mislead us!


  2. Jacqueline's Law says:

    Thanks! I love the video – it always makes me laugh.

    I think we have all been in the position where we are frantically searching for an answer to our homework on Google, and we pretty much give up after the first page. That is why it is so important for businesses to be on the first page of a search engine.

    I think it is a bit of a catch 22 – you need your site to be popular for it to appear in the first page, but your site probably needs to be in the first page to be popular! This makes it is a bit difficult, but it is extremely important!


      • Jacqueline's Law says:

        Exactly! You can’t just put something out on the Internet and hope that it will suddenly turn up on the first page of Google! Google has an important and very strategic algorithm that limits what can be on the first page so that users get the best results. Consider Bing – I personally do not believe that their algorithm is as strong as Google’s. Whenever I search for anything Bing always provides me with half a page of ads and the other half is vaguely relevant to what I am looking for. For example – if I try to access my monash on Bing, after I go past the irrelevant ads, the first link is always a direct link to my monash WES. It’s like Bing is so close yet so far! Whereas, Google will always lead me directly to the correct portal.


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